Friday, December 29, 2006

Transport: Lambrettas...

They would typically use scooters as their mode of transportation, either Lambretta or Vespa. One reason for this is that public transit stopped relatively early, and scooters were cheaper than cars.

After a law was passed requiring at least one mirror be attached to every motorbike, many mods added 4, 10, or even 32 mirrors to their scooters as a mockery of the new law. This can be seen in the cover for The Who's album, Quadrophenia, which depicts the main character, Jimmy, on his scooter looking into his four rear-view mirrors.Classic Mod a la Quadrophenia…his Lambretta Scooter is a 1962…
and he is a member of a 20 man touring Scooter Club
who drive from Bar Italia in Soho, London to Brighton once a month


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