Friday, December 29, 2006

Mod Variations...

She identified herself as a Mod and him as a Skin. Although, after talking to him for a while I would technically identify him as what was starting to be called a “hard mod” by the mid-sixties, which in turn morphed into what became known as Suedeheads as the fashion conscious skinheads started to let their hair grow out, at least long enough to pull a comb through it. Later on they became known as “Smooths”.

"Hi there
the pics are of me and my b/f paul, thanks for all your lovely comments, we'd both had no sleep that day and were in a silly mood messing about down carnaby street, whenever we go I always ask him to chase me down carnaby street as the road was well known in the late 70's and 80's as a hangout for mods and skins (who at the time hated each other) and paul has the scars to prove it! altho i was too young at the time so missed out,in fact paul was a mod until age about 15 when he got fed up with being beaten up by skins so took a pair of dog clippers to his head and bought a pair of doc martins and has been a skinhead since,but the scene is so small now that we all have to be friends! nice to meet you and your friend robert... keep the faith... ;-)"


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